• Fanshop MŠK Žilina is situated on the web address www.shop.mskzilina.sk
  • A purchase in MŠK Žilina, a.s. internet shop can be made by natural persons and legal entities without restrictions, provided that these persons will observe these General Business Terms and Conditions.
  • By placing his or her order, customer grants his or her consent with these GBTC. General Terms and Conditions made in English language shall govern the sale and delivery of goods outside the territory of the Slovak Republic.
  • Seller: MŠK Žilina, a.s. Company, with its registered office at Športová 9, 010 01 Žilina
    Fanshop MŠK Žilina internet shop, invoice data:
    MŠK Žilina, a.s.,
    With its registered office at Športová 9, 010 01 Žilina
    Company Identification Number: 36 419 320,
    Tax Identification Number: 2021840524
    VAT Identification Number: SK2021840524
    Company is registered at Companies Registry of District Court Žilina,  Under File No. 10412/L, Section: Sa

    Banking details:
    Beneficiary: MŠK Žilina, a.s.
    Address: Športová 9, 010 01 Žilina

    Account No. 2922858379/1100
    Bank: Tatra banka Slovensko, a.s.
    Bank address: Hodžovo námestie 3, 811 06 Bratislava 1
    IBAN: SK84 1100 0000 0029 2285 8379

    Customer service contact: 041/56 22 280 between 8.00 a.m. until 3 p.m., eshop@mskzilina.sk

  • Purchaser: Any natural person or legal entity that has entered into business relationship with Seller by placing their order.
  • Goods: Products and services offered by Fanshop MŠK Žilina internet shop.
  • Sale of goods by Fanshop MŠK Žilina shall be governed by laws of the Slovak Republic and any and all disputes will be settled by competent authorities of the Slovak Republic.



  • Purchaser may order any goods offered by Fanshop MŠK Žilina internet shop.
  • Goods may be ordered by proper completion of an order form in the internet shop. After sending of the order, an email containing notification of the order registration at the system will be delivered to Purchaser. Purchaser may be anytime notified by the Seller's staff, further also by phone or via email for the scope of verification of the order or supplementing of any required data.
  • Upon confirmation of the order, a business relationship between Purchaser and Seller will be established. Purchaser hereby undertakes to pay total purchase price for ordered and delivered goods, transport costs included, in line with valid Business Terms and Conditions.
  • By approving of the order, Purchaser shall confirm that provided data are true and correct.
  • The following data have to be contained in each order:
    • Name and surname of Purchaser
    • Postal address for delivery of goods
    • Telephone number and email address
    • Order code of the goods or full title of the goods
    • Number of pieces of each item of goods
    • Date of order issue
    • Means of payment for the goods
    • Means of transport and takeover of the goods
  • In an order to be placed by legal entities also the following data have to be contained:
    • Companies Identification Number, Tax Identification Number and VAT Identification Number of the Company
    • Contact person and telephone
    • Invoice address (if different from delivery address)


  • Purchaser may make a payment for the goods by any of the following means:

    Prior the goods is taken over:
    • Through bank transfer
    • Through PayPal
  • Invoice (tax document) will be enclosed to each shipment by which ordered goods are delivered. Ordered goods and transport fees will be subject of invoice.
  • Valid prices for goods are placed next to individual items and shall be applied exclusively for purchase in Fanshop MŠK Žilina internet shop. Final prices are stated in EURO next to individual items.
  • Seller reserves his right to make changes in prices of the goods.
  • Seller reserves his right to notify Purchaser in case the ordered goods are not placed in the store and if such notice was not published due to technical or other grounds.
  • Seller provides guarantee that the goods will be delivered for price that was published in the internet shop on the time of the goods delivery.
  • Any data that will be disclosed to Seller by Purchaser through an order form shall be used for provision of particular service and shall be neither further disclosed to any third persons nor use for commercial purposes.



  • Ordered goods will be expedited to Purchaser by selected means (by mail or through a courier).
  • The goods will be dispatched within period specified in the internet shop.
  • In case of an advance payment to be transferred to the bank account the goods will be expedited by Seller after receipt of the payment, so the delivery date will be extended with a period as will be necessary for receipt of the payment.
  • Should the goods be dispatched through a courier and the mail is not delivered to Purchaser within 3 days after receipt of the notification email containing information on placement of the order, Purchaser may request the courier service to provide him with information on the shipment based on the shipment identification number that is sent by Seller together with the notification email containing information on placement of the order.
  • If Seller is not able to dispatch the goods within stated periods, the staff of Seller will contact Purchaser via email or by phone and notify him or her of the term of the goods expedition or they will offer Purchaser any adequate alternative goods as a substitution for the ordered goods.
  • Postal fees and packaging fees to be charged by Seller at the amount as follows:

    Zaslanie kuriérskou službou v rámci Slovenska :

    • pri platbe vopred – 3,30  €
    • pri platbe dobierkou - 4,40 €

Information on delivery of goods outside listed countries, postal fees and packaging fees will be sent by Seller on request of Purchaser.



  • Under the law the customer acting as a private person (non-entrepreneur) shall be entitled to withdraw from the contract within 7 business days after receipt of the goods. If he or she decides so, Purchaser will contact Seller and send him a written statement of withdrawal from the contract containing specification of the number of order, date of purchase and bank account or full address for the scope of financial settlement. Purchased goods will be sent with a proof of purchase back to the Seller's address. On return the expedited goods has to be undamaged, including any documentation, attributions etc.  Any and all price tags and labels have to be fixed to their original place on the goods and may not be removed.  Seller undertakes to return to Purchaser the paid price for the particular goods within 15 calendar days after receipt of the returned goods by the same means as was used on payment for the goods, unless otherwise requested by the customer. Purchased goods may be returned without stating any ground thereof within 7 business days after receipt of the goods by Purchaser.



  • Statutory guarantee period (24 months) shall be applied to each sold goods, unless it is stated otherwise in relation to the goods.
  • A complaint may be made only for goods that were purchased at Seller’s.
  • In order to make a complaint, a signed complaint application containing a description of the defect will also be sent to Seller by Purchaser together with the defective goods. Copy of a tax document, based on which the goods was purchased, has to be attached for the scope of the complaint admission.
  • Goods under complaint have to be complete, accompanied by any attributions, guides for use etc.
  • A complaint is settled within 30 days after takeover of the goods under complaint by Seller. Complaint settlement during the guarantee period is free of charge.
  • Guarantee period provided for the goods shall be expired in case the defect was caused due to incorrect manipulation with the product, mechanical damage, and operation in unreasonable conditions or due to unauthorized interference with the product. Defects caused by natural disaster shall also not be covered by the guarantee.
  • Complaints shall be settled pursuant to the Commercial Code of the Slovak Republic.
  • In case of return of money for admitted complaint, a monetary amount will be returned.
  • Seller has to settle the complaint and finish the complaint procedure by one of the following means:
    a) By handover of repaired goods
    b) By exchange of the goods
    c) By return of the purchase price for the goods
    d) By payment of a reasonable discount of the price for the goods
    e) By a written call for takeover of performance stated by Seller
    f) By reasoned dismissal of the complaint.


  • Seller undertakes that the acquired data disclosed by Purchaser in the course of ordering of goods will be used exclusively for the needs of Seller.
  • Seller will not disclose such data to any third persons or to any other persons.


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